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Welcome at Woontank

Our website is in Dutch, but we would like to inform you on this page how you can rent an apartment and what the requirements are.

The final registration must be done via the Dutch part of our website. 

If you have any specific questions, please email us on

Best regards, Woontank 



To rent an apartment first of all it is important that you meet the income requirements.

Do you want to rent on your own?

Then your gross monthly income, excluding holiday allowance, must be aprox 4 times the monthly rent. A fixed 13th month may be counted.

Do you want to rent with your partner?

Then the gross monthly income from both of you has to be aprox 5 times the monthly rent. 

Do I have to pay a registration fee?

No registration fee is required. Renting an apartment via Woontank and making a profile are both free of charge.

What is the minimum rental period?

A minimum of 1 year. After this the rental agreement can be terminated as of the first of the following month + 1 month. For example: you give notice on 19 April, the rental agreement will end on 1 June.

Does the rent include service charges?

Service charges come on top of the basic rental price at around €80 a month.

What is included in the service charges?

Certain costs will be shared for communal spaces used by all the tenants. For example, maintenance of the outside spaces, cleaning of the entrance halls and staircases. These costs come out of the service charges. You will receive a separate statement and an annual summary of these charges. The compilation of the service charges is prescribed within a statutory framework. Further information can be found on the website of the national government.

What are the monthly fixed costs?

As well as the rent and service charges there are a number of fixed costs. The individual energy costs depend on your usage. Furthermore, as a tenant you will pay taxes; water board tax and waste levy. For the insurance of your home contents, consult your insurance advisor.

What are the monthly energy costs?

Individual energy costs depend on your usage.

How much is the deposit? 

The deposit is standard 1 month rent + service costs. However, if you are self-employed, the deposit is 3 months rent + servicecosts. The landlord can increase the deposit in special situations. 

Can I park?

With some projects it is possible to rent a parkingplace in the parking garage. This depents if there are places available ofcourse. 

Renting is care free! Why?

As a tenant there are no surprises. You are flexible, no unexpected costs, no financial risk and a short period of notice. And large-scale maintenance? Nothing to worry about.

Can I view the apartments?

Due to building safety guidelines, it is unfortunately not possible to view the apartments well before completion.

Can I receive rent benefit?

The apartments are rented in the private rented sector. It is not possible to apply for rent benefit.


If the rental has not started yet, you can only register for the newsletter via this website. We will e-mail you when the apartments become available for rent. As soon as the apartments become available for rent, you will be able to find the registration form online.

  • Register as interested in renting an apartment: Go to the homepage and push the button 'hou mij op de hoogte' (keep me posted).

PLEASE NOTE: In addition to your registration for the newsletter, you must therefore register again as an interested person for an apartment. Go to the relevant project on the website - type of home according to preference - and then push the button 'huren'. This way we know where your interests are.

  • You then receive the login details to log in to your personal account.
  • With this account you can upload the documents.

NOTE: It is necessary to upload these documents in order to assess your registration.

  • You can upload the documents in the registration form under the “attachments” page.

NOTE: The “attachments” page only becomes visible after you have completely filled in the online registration form.

NB: Without your documents, your file is incomplete and your registration will not be processed.

Which documents are required? Only during the registration period (mostly this is a period of 2 weeks) you can upload the documents we require:

  • Fill in the online registration form
  • Employer’s certificate 
  • Tenant’s certificate
  • UWV report
  • With pension or benefits an annual statement must be submitted

If self-employed the following documents must be provided:

  • Balance sheet, profit and loss account of the most recent complete financial year
  • Accountant’s report
  • Extract from the Chamber of Commerce

When will I hear whether I have been allocated an apartment?

All files will be assessed after the registration period closes. After the assessment, you will be notified by e-mail whether or not an apartment has been provisionally allocated to you. If there are still apartments available after the first round of allocations, they will be allocated on a ‘first come, first served’ basis. Only fully completed registration forms that include all required attachments will be considered.


May parents or other third parties act as guarantors if the income requirements cannot be met?

Unfortunately, we cannot accept guarantors (parents or third parties).

Can I rent an apartment as a temporary employee?

It is possible to rent an apartment with a flexible employment contract. But you have to meet the income conditions and you have to pay an extra amount op deposit (around 3times the rent and service costs). 

Can students rent an apartment?

No, only people with sufficient income may rent an apartment.


Do the apartments come with storage space?

Most of the apartments have a storage room in the apartment as well as a separate private storage room on the ground floor/basement. You can also park your bicycle in the common bike storage. Check the information at the website for these services in every specific building.

How are the walls and ceilings finished?

The completed apartments will feature smooth walls, ready for wallpapering. The apartments feature sprayed ceilings. The ceiling height is at least 2.60 meters. The walls in homes that already have been rented out for a year or more of course have varying finishes.

Can I choose my own kitchen and bathroom?

No, all the apartments are fitted with a luxury kitchen with built-in equipment and a comfortable bathroom.

Do the apartments come with a floor?

No, the apartments does not have a floor.